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​Senior Software Engineer, Big Data


Do you have experience building massively scalable infrastructure using commercial and open-source tools? Do you have multi-year experience owning several end-to-end complex production platforms? Are you are well versed in, and prefer working with and even contributing to open source tools? Do you enjoy solving hard problems and have a passion for outstanding viewing experience for online video? Do you have the discipline to focus on system scalability, availability, and ease of deployability in everything you build? Do you live, breath, and eat data? If yes, then you should definitely read on!



Detailed Responsibilities


  • Design, Develop, Test (unit, e2e, scale), Document and Deploy software components on our SaaS Platform


  • Brainstorm new ideas, features, and applications to be built on our Platform and take initiative to prototype Proof-of-Concept solutions


  • Devise plans to refactor software as scale bottlenecks present themselves always thinking ahead an order of magnitude for System scalability


  • Evaluate potential latest open-source technologies to meet growing feature demands on the platform, and be ready to defend technical recommendations with quantifiable arguments


  • Lead Design Reviews, Code reviews, Deployment Reviews, and Share your experiences In Engineering talks


  • Learn from all and Mentor a few



  • 3+ years of experience with data driven applications


  • Experience owning your application stack all the way through development, testing, deployment in production and maintenance


  • Strong expertise in large-scale Hadoop and MapReduce including system level understanding (memory, disk, CPU) on what happens when a Map Reduce job runs


  • Understand design and implementation of different database storage engines including physical data storage, memory management, locking schemes, transaction handling, etc.


  • Understand the design rationale and tradeoffs of HDFS and other distributed file system variants


Highly Desirable


  • Great team player who can get things done efficiently


  • Designed and implemented new HDFS file formats


  • Experience with HBase Key design for complex scenarios and/or HFile design and implementation


  • Have a startup mindset and willing to take initiative on their own and run with the project


  • Willingness and ability to learn from and educate peers


  • Ability to quickly triage and troubleshoot complex problems


  • Experience with Hive, Spark, Shark and other Big Data technologies


  • Experience working in an Agile development team

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