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We started the recruiting practice at Sunsson in early 2008, and have since built a reputation for being a valuable, well-connected and high quality agency that sources cream of the crop talent for top-tier technology startups, and elite technology groups within large corporations.

Most of our business is unsolicited and through word of mouth; where we do solicit business, it is usually when we are convinced that the company will be able to attract, hire and (most importantly) retain top talent.


We pick winners! We have placed top talent at...
ScoutRFP (acquired by Workday)
Guardant Health (IPO 2018)

LogLogic (acquired by TIBCO)

Avocent (acquired by Emerson)

Meraki (acquired by Cisco)

Jive Software (IPO 2011)

ScanSafe (acquired by Cisco)

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