We are very well-funded, and are too small for job titles to matter.


We’re not looking for code monkeys – we’re looking for engineers to join the founding team and help us define the way we operate, while solving a problem that many have, but is difficult to manage. 


We are looking for independent thinkers and problem solvers. Large parts of our systems aren’t yet built or are rudimentary and we’re looking for people who can take on building a major component while using our services and tools. If you enjoy building and designing but can handle detailed code reviews and relentless bug killing, we’d like to talk to you. 


We’re looking for opinionated people. We’re passionate about our work and we have strong opinions. We also back our opinions with data and are rigorous in testing.


Gut feeling is respected but you should be ready to be challenged regarding your convictions and ideas. If you enjoy a spirited discussion, we’re a good fit. 


We’re looking for strong craftsmen (and women). We use Scala, not because it’s cool but because we believe in it. We use Django since it’s a strong and proven framework. We use AngularJS because it’s flexible and gives our operators a lot of freedom. Our choice of tools is driven by our need and our strong technical capabilities. If you’re not simply drawn to the shiny new toy, this team is for you. 



  • You are a strong engineer eager to be part of a founding team, with strong opinions about technology and methodology.

  • You are comfortable with working with analysts, operators and other non-engineering staff.

  • Experience in multiple languages and at least one compiled language is a must. Experience in Scala and Python is a plus.

  • Background in Machine Learning or large-scale data collection and manipulation is a big plus.

  • 2-3 years of coding experience working on an engineering-heavy product, especially one that you build yourself.

  • Must be authorized to work in the US.