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Senior Postgres Engineer

A prospective candidate will be responsible for specifying, developing, and maintaining the Postgres extensions for a highly evolving Hadoop Integration software product. The prospective candidate will be responsible extending current Postgres extensions to integrate with HiveSQL and HCatalog as part of the Hadoop Integration Project.


Job Functions:


•             Work on the internals of Postgres SQL compiler and run-time engine to both extend our Postgres extensions and generate sophisticated query plans for our distributed architecture.


•             Research and design enhancements to Hadoop Integration.


•             Research and fix bugs to the product, document and write tests for fixes.


•             Evaluate current systems and propose changes to the design and or implementation


Required Skills:


•             BS/MS in Computer Science


•             Must have proven knowledge and experience in Postgres internals


•             Must have proven knowledge and experience in Postgres performance tuning


•             Must have proven C experience


•             Minimum 4 years of experience working on SQL compiler internals


•             Minimum 4 years of Experience in query plan optimization


•             Proven history of being a self-starter


•             Expertise with enterprise applications


•             Experience with a relational database


•             Must be familiar with Linux (REDHAT) Operating System


Desired Skills:


•             Experience in JAVA and C++


•             Experience with HiveSQL and MapReduce is desirable


•             Experience working on distributed systems

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