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To all those people who contribute to the quality of our work by introducing us to great candidates - thank you so much!

While the testimonials listed here refer to me by name, they really recognize the work of Team Sunsson.

Every single testimonial (including the many more that haven't been listed here) has been hard earned, and keeps us motivated to continue doing a great job of bringing the right candidates & companies together.

                                                                                              Arun Iyer

                                                                                         Founder & CEO

Arun has consistently presented candidates with skills that are very relevant to the position advertised, at all levels within engineering/marketing/sales. He engages the hiring manager as appropriate, while keeping HR in the loop at all times. His thorough pre-screening of candidates saves our hiring managers a lot of time and effort.

I am impressed with Arun's dedication to quality, and would highly recommend Arun/Sunsson as a first class recruiting partner. If you are looking to hire top talent, Arun is about as good a resource as one could hope to get.

                                           Diane Deutsch (EVP of HR, LogLogic)

I highly endorse Arun both as an excellent recruiter and a career coach. He recruited me for the job I’m currently in. He is friendly and very easy to work with. More importantly, his excellent professional and business knowledge allows him to help candidates make the right decision. Good luck, Arun!
                                                                Shang-hua Wang (Candidate)

Arun has been an excellent recruiting resource. Trustworthy, straight shooter and real good contacts. I would definitely recommend him as a high quality executive recruiter to any organization that wants to wants to hire top notch sales leaders.

         Bill Goldbach (VP North America, ScanSafe)

...Here are just a few of Arun's strengths:
- He's excellent at finding the passive candidate who's not looking.
- Because he has an IT background, he's technically conversant and able to understand the requirements of the job and how they fit into the overall product.
- He spends significant time on the front end to thoroughly screen and qualify the candidate.
- He works well with both the HR team and hiring managers and respects company processes and protocol.
- He's truly a team player and is highly ethical in all of his business dealings-- you can trust him.
- He's an excellent closer and will usually get the candidate to accept.
- His priorities are to place the right candidate in the job and cultivating a long-term relationship with the client.

                                        Cris Piasecki (Corporate Recruiter)

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