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Senior Engineer, Data Management

This is a senior level development position to maintain and enhance our columnar database.   We are looking for a talented and motivated Engineer to join the core-engineering group for our data management platform.  We have a distributed, shared-nothing MPP architecture for storing and querying large volumes of historical event data using a SQL-like query language.  Our analytics interface is based on a modified form of SQL, which allows our customers to inspect and analyze voluminous quantities of data.  Scaling is achieved by simply installing additional nodes into our cluster of data processing elements.  Our largest customers are managing close to a petabyte of data at this time using our existing system.  We are looking at moving into even larger data spaces in the future.


We are looking for an Engineer who can work on the internals of our SQL compiler to both extend our SQL language and generate sophisticated query plans for our distributed architecture.  The task will require a blending of knowledge of traditional DBMS systems with knowledge of distributed systems.  While knowledge of SQL compiler internals is required for this position, the distributed architecture of our system will require that the successful candidate for this position have knowledge and expertise beyond that of the traditional DBMS internals background.


Job Functions:


  • Work on the internal of our SQL compiler to both extend our SQL language and generate sophisticated query plans for our distributed architecture.


  • Research and design enhancements to core engine.


  • Research and fix bugs to the product, document and write tests for fixes.


  • Evaluate current systems and propose changes to the design and or implementation


Required Skills:


  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science


  • Expertise in C++ and JAVA


  • Experience working on distributed systems


  • Minimum 4 years of experience working on SQL compiler internals


  • Minimum 4 years of Experience in query plan optimization


  • Proven history of being a self-starter


  • Expertise with enterprise applications


  • Experience with a relational database


  • Must be familiar with Linux (REDHAT) Operating System


Desired Skills:


  • Hands on Eexperience with VMware


  • MPP debugging skills


  • Hadoop, HiveSQL and MapReduce

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